[thelist] MySQL Local dump to Remote? (very newbie)

Steve Cook steve.cook at evitbe.com
Tue Feb 12 02:41:00 CST 2002

You don't really need a whole tutorial Fred - you just need to know where to
look in the MySQL documentation ;-)

In this particular case, the key is "batch mode" - running SQL in batch mode
you can easily take that sql file you have and run it against the MySQL
server at the other end.


You'll need to know your username, password and database name, but otherwise
you should be set to go with the information from that link.


<tip type="MySQL & PHP documentation">
The online documentation for PHP and MySQL are fantastic resources. If you
are making use of either of these technologies then it well worth spending
an hour or so familiarising yourself with these online resources. If your
internet connection is a slittle slow or unstable, then download one of the
archive formats and pore over it for a while to get the hang of what is


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> Subject: [thelist] MySQL Local dump to Remote? (very newbie)
> Can anyone point me to any tutorials or how to's on how I
> could take this
> SQL file and recreate my local database on the remote server?
> Preferably via
> a shell connection since I know my way around that more than Perl.
> Thanks.
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