[thelist] Flash preloading problems

Daniel E. Boen dan at the-plate.com
Tue Feb 12 11:45:01 CST 2002

Hi Steve,

Usually this is due to a default value in Publish Settings, which is in the
file menu:

Once you're at that panel, choose the Flash tab. There's a "JPEG Quality"
slidebar.  Slide it up to 100%.  The default is 80%, and it looks like about
20%.  It's lamer than a bug, it's much lamer than a feature, it's a Default

Hope thaz all it is.


Steve Cook2/12/02 2:32 AMsteve.cook at evitbe.com

> Hi folks!
> We have a problem here with a Flash movie created in Flash 5. The movie is
> preloading a bunch of images (both gifs & jpegs) but is causing them to
> display with very low quality. I'm no Flash expert myself but my Flash guy
> tells me he's definitely pinned it down to being related to the preload
> command he's using.
> Is this a known bug? Does anyone know of a workaround?
> We're probably OK anyway as the presentation isn't more than 170k, so we can
> almost certainly get by without preload, but it would be nice to know if
> this is solvable.
> .steve
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