[thelist] Webdesign mailing list (in Polish) - how to start?

Adam Byrtek alpha at student.uci.agh.edu.pl
Tue Feb 12 11:47:10 CST 2002


I think thelist is a great place to share thoughts with other web
designers, and I regret that there isn't any forum similiar to thelist
in my native language, so I decided to create such mailing list from
scratch. I know that the first few weeks are crucial to existence of
every new list, so I have to encourage people to join and (what's more
important) to write sth. Maybe you could give me some advice how to
start and promote such project? Maybe some suggestions from people,
who have seen how thelist started?

Thanks a lot for every help.
Best regards.


   _.|._ |_  _.  |  Adam Byrtek, alpha at irc.pl
  (_|||_)| |(_|  |  gg 1802819

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