[thelist] MySQL web front end

Ben Phillips ben at inchima.com
Tue Feb 12 11:50:00 CST 2002

> I've got MySQL, imported my Access data structure, have PHPmyAdmin,
> but I'm looking for a form designer that will give me access like
> functionality in a browser based solution.
> ...
> I'd really like a tool that would read the MySQL database and then
> let me set up user forms for adding and editing.  (PHPmyAdmin is
> okay, but I wouldn't let a user near it!)

there is a dreamweaver ultradev extension called PHAkt which claims to do
this for you. i haven't used it (yet - i plan to try it soon) but it looks
good. it is the free cousin of ImpAKT, which looks even better.

basically, you supply the database logic and it produces add/edit/delete
forms for you. have a look yourself: http://www.interakt.ro

> will I have to forego the easy route and write my own PHP forms to
> interact with the database?

looks like this may be the case. you can connect directly to the database
from your desktop using Access using ODBC. you could produce access forms
and give them to users perhaps? i have never done this myself, so i am
speaking from other peoples' experiences here... ;o)

sorry, not much help i guess.


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