[thelist] Mozilla: Use Stylesheet?

Craig Saila crsaila at yahoo.ca
Tue Feb 12 12:26:05 CST 2002

Judah McAuley wrote:
> an accessibility feature, but searching the docs on mozilla.org does not
> tell me how to use a different stylesheet.  I'm assuming that I would
> have to drop it somewhere or register it.

Accessbility is a good use of it (I've done that with one of mine), but
it can also be a quick and easy way to offer multiple designs.

The ALA article mentioned is quite good, as its update:

The HTML 4 spec offers some more detail:

And, I also wrote a mini-tutorial about it at my site:

> Can a user specify a stylesheet that is not listed in the HTML document?
>  And if so, how?

Unless the pages is dynamic (server- or client-side), the style sheet
must be listed in the actually page.


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