[thelist] Access to MySQL conversion

John Craft jcraft at jonesmcclure.com
Tue Feb 12 12:26:13 CST 2002

Get MySQL-Front.  It totally rocks.  You can export your table from Access
into a text file and then import it with MySQL-Front.  This program will
save you enormous amounts of time if you aren't familiar with using SQL


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can anyone point me to tried and tested methods/software/tutorials
for upgrading from Access to MySQL? (preferably freeware or open

I found this:


which is where I found this:


a freeware GUI front end

and this:


which in its demo form will create a MySQL database copy of an
Access database with all tables (but only 5 records per table - see
the above app, which will import the rest!)

Just wondered about any others you might have used.


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