[thelist] Cookies in a frame

Jeremy Marx devnull at subject2change.com
Tue Feb 12 18:40:18 CST 2002

Fellow Evolters,

I have a web application that uses cookies to keep track of the session id.
If the sessionid cookie isn't present, the app assumes the user needs to
log in, and presents the login screen. Otherwise, it reloads the session
and continues with whatever new data has been given.

A portion of the app uses frames(at the client's request), a top and bottom
frame. The content of each frame is determined by the underlying code, of
course. Due to that, the sessionid cookie is checked for each frame.

In one particular circumstance, where the bottom frame is updated with a
new page, the bottom frame does not receive the cookie. The HTTP_COOKIE
environment variable shows as empty. It would appear the browser is not
sending the cookie back. As a result, the login page is shown instead of
the proper results. I have tried reloading the top frame, and the cookie is
received, implying the cookie still exists, with the proper session id
(which cannot be arbitrarily recreated).

I have tested this on a number of systems (IE only, per client reqs) with
varying results. The cookie is received on some, not received on others. I
cannot find a common denominator(browser version, cookies enabled, OS
version, etc).

At this point, I am stumped. What is causing the odd behavior?

Unfortunately, I cannot a this time give a url for demonstration, as the
app is for internal company use..


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