[thelist] Flash preloading problems

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Tue Feb 12 19:11:27 CST 2002

At 12:32 AM 2/12/2, Steve Cook wrote:
>We have a problem here with a Flash movie created in Flash 5. The movie is
>preloading a bunch of images (both gifs & jpegs) but is causing them to
>display with very low quality. I'm no Flash expert myself but my Flash guy
>tells me he's definitely pinned it down to being related to the preload
>command he's using. Is this a known bug? Does anyone know of a workaround?

There isn't "a preload command", so it's hard for me to figure what that
person is saying the cause.

I do know that photos are fatter than vectors, and need to download fully
before you can see them, and then decompress into memory and so have a
bigger memory hit than other media types.

Yes, you can either use Flash's built-in JPEG compression of photos, or set
a particular photo to use any compression it may have been imported with...
more info in docs.

If you're seeing an unwanted blurring, it's usually because the photo was
resized or sub-pixel positioned. Bitmaps love to have exactly one pixel of
source image display on exactly one pixel of the monitor. Flash loves to
scale. It's not impossible to avoid runtime resampling, just requires care.

Then again, you might have the publishing options set to sacrifice quality
for performance. Or those photos might not be enclosed in a non-animating
movie clip, that's another way to get something resembling the description
(technote #14292).

There could be various issues at cause there. Has your "Flash guy" checked
in with others yet...?


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