[thelist] submitting forms with CDO

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Tue Feb 12 20:54:17 CST 2002

| A client of mine has a host who offers mail sending with CDO.
|  I've used ASPMail to submit forms but not CDO.  Are they
| similar? Does anyone have some good tips on what one can
| expect with CDO and also importantly what not to expect? Thanks,
| Peter Kaulback

CDONTS is essentially command line access to NT's SMTP service. Here are a
few links. Shout if any of this doesn't make sense.




As far as what it can do, Outlook Web Access is a CDO application, and under
Exchange 2000 it essentially mimics the full functionality of the Outlook
2000 mail client. In the Windows environment, CDO can be a very powerful
tool. If you want to whole enchilada, the Wrox book covers it all, but I
can't find the URL right now. I've got it at work, so if you're interested
let me know.


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