[thelist] OT: Email forwarding service recommendations (long term + free)

Aleem aleem at mindless.com
Wed Feb 13 09:19:01 CST 2002

Daniel, I already got myself an account when I noticed Evolt is growing
popular and I should get one while they last. However, I just realized
university (of Toronto) offers email for life.
A couple of questions, however. What are the uptimes and arrangements
backup servers. I do not know much about mail management, so I just need
you to tell me that all my mail will come through over the next couple
of years I am with evolt.
By the way, I am currently applying for a Univ. of Toronto for life

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> wowza. 25 emails to me in the last hour from thelist members
> asking to get m.e.o accounts made me get my ass in gear to
> get the application form working again. :)
http://members.evolt.org for those of you that emailed me please, the
application form is working again. thanks for the kick in the ass :)

<tip type="RAID Arrays">
In general, RAID5 disk arrays should only be used on
machines/applications/mount points that are *not* disk I/O intensive.

The things that make RAID5 attractive - redundancy, parity, etc - from a
reliability standpoint make it a nightmare when looked at from a
performance standpoint.

If you have a machine that requires heavy disk I/O (mailservers,
fileservers, etc) a RAID0(striping) or RAID0+1(mirroring) is your best
bet. For machines where reliability is key and there isn't a lot of
filesystem activity(webservers, DB servers, etc) because data is stored
in RAM(hopefully) RAID5 is your friend. :)



Daniel J. Cody wrote:
> Aleem -
> If you already have a members.evolt.org account, thats great and feel
> free to use it for what you need. If you don't have one and would like

> to sign up, email me directly with your www.evolt.org username or
> userid and i'll set you up with an account.
> I'm not accepting new members.evolt.org accounts right now from the
> general public, but I'll bend the rules for people on thelist :)

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