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> on 2/13/02 1:07 AM, Erica Tesla at erica at procacious.com wrote:
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>> everything suggests the styling scrollbars is A Bad Thing(tm), at
>> least given my usability testing...
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>> I'm sorry.  I've just really needed to say that ever since the first
>> mention
>> of usability.  Maybe we should leave some of the responsibility for
>> usability in the hands of the users.
>> After all, this really isn't rocket science.
> -- /really big snip --
> A hearty +100 to that.

<tip type="usability testing, cheap & friendly" author="Miriam">
Need to test your site but can't afford a lab, let alone NN Group? Sit
mom down in front of her computer. Ask her to accomplish a few tasks,
especially with the shopping cart if you have one. Keep an open mind to
stumbles. her questions, and her oohs and aaahs. Note where she has
Let her play around with the site for a few minutes while you get a
and some nice tea for the the both of you.  Ask her to repeat the tasks
that she's familiar; note her time, her stumbling blocks, and her
curve. Repeat this with your friends and everyone else you can bribe
with a
sandwich and tea. While this method obviously doesn't replace the skills
services brought to you by the pros, you'll find the glaring issues,
for sure.

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