[thelist] Redirect in Flash file?

Janet Green JGreen at desmoinesmetro.com
Wed Feb 13 10:25:26 CST 2002

I've taken down a flash animation from our homepage and moved it to a subdirectory so it's less prominent but still viewable if someone wants to dig for it. The animation is embedded in a page called intro.html; the animation itself is called intro.swf. When the animation was located in the root directory and it would finish playing, it would redirect to home.html. Now that it's in a subdirectory I need to change that redirect link to ../home.html - and while I'm at it I'm gonna change it to ../default.htm . My question is, would the redirect code be found in the .swf file itself? I can't find it in the intro.html page at all. But, before I spend big bucks having the ad agency change it (they created the files originally), I wanted to be SURE it wasn't a file I could open and change myself. Can anyone verify for me, generally speaking, that such a redirect instruction would likely be found IN the .swf file? Thanks!


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