[thelist] PHP cookies and sessions

john corry john at neoncowboy.com
Wed Feb 13 13:50:08 CST 2002

I'm reading the cookies/sessions sections of each of myy PHP books. tryign
to get a grip on using sessions/cookies to save user preferences and tailor
user content...

Any good web tutorials you guys know of?

I'm running IIS 5.0 on Win2K, with PHP 4.something. When I put this code in
my page
setcookie("count", $count);

It works...the cookie variable/value is used, but I can't *find* the cookie
anywhere in my computer's directory tree. It isn't showing up in 'temporary
internet files' or 'Cookies' directories (where all the other cookies set by
sites are). Any suggestions of where the cookie goes?

John Corry

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