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Oh Boy...

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When I connected to my ISP today, I was confronted by a window that I could
not close. It said updating Comet Cursor. When it finished and installed
itself, it had attached itself to IE with another toolbar and a floating
button on the main toolbar.  It irks me that some developers can be so heavy
handed to dump stuff on my desktop without asking.

Later I found a shortcut on my start menu:
With a gorilla like image and a label FREE BonziBuddy.

Whats going on?

- IanO -
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Go into Control Panel, and select Add/Remove Programs. Highlight Comet
Cursor, and remove the blasted thing. Next, go here...

http://www.lsfileserv.com/index.html and download the free AdAware program.
Install it, and run it to clean up all the "spyware" components Comet Cursor
installed, and will be remaining because uninstalling it does not remove
these blasted things.

"Don't" double-click the purple ape! Just right click on him, and delete
him. If you do actually install BonzaiBuddy, you will have a cute little ape
hanging around your desktop talking to you, and you will have "more

These people never cease to amaze me.

You can read more about spyware here...


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