[thelist] Why cookies does not sets

Andrew Forsberg andrew at thepander.co.nz
Wed Feb 13 20:01:01 CST 2002

>hello people
>I'm using PHP4 (for win) and Apache 1.3 (for win) with IE 5 browser.
>I'm using setcookie() php function to set cookie variables, but it
>is not work correctly. When I user $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS[] to get
>variable, but  I still get nothing, even if I use security set (on
>Internet Option) to low.


Can you show us the bit of code you're using to set the cookie, and a
snippet from where you're trying to read it?

Save something like this as testing_cookies.php on your server:

$test_var = "howdy doody";
setcookie("test_var", $test_var);
print ("<html><pre>");
print_r ($HTTP_COOKIE_VARS);
print ("</pre></html>");

The first time you load the page it will print:


On refreshing the page you should see:

     [test_var] => howdy doody

This is because a cookie isn't accessible from the browser at the
time it is set. Have a look over the php cookie docs at:



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