[thelist] Why cookies does not sets

elin tjerngren. artopod elin at artopod.se
Thu Feb 14 02:18:01 CST 2002


I recently joined this list because I had a lot of problems with php
(Great list btw :-)
The problem I have is that the server only uses PHP3 and I cant use

> Sometimes setcookie() behaves strangely in IE5 versions.

I too have problems with that - but it's mostly AOL users that complaines,
and since I can't test that in Sweden I'm at a loss.
Shanx - in my experience you should set the path too.

php.net has a lot of interesting comments - more than one is saying you
should use Header instead of setcookie as you mentioned, but I can't see
any difference in the header output when tested.

I also found a link to a site that told me javascript is most reliable when
setting cookies than any other way...is there anyone that has experience
on this?

Laliyuswa, just curious, what is the changes you made in Apache config
to get cookies to work ?


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