[thelist] Why cookies does not sets

elin tjerngren. artopod elin at artopod.se
Thu Feb 14 03:24:00 CST 2002

Hi jeff,

About php3 and sessions:

> not natively, but you could create a database or file-based state
> management setup.  add a scheduled process that does clean-up of database
> entries or files whose last modified timestamp is beyond your desired
> timeout threshold and you now have session management.

As I'm lazy too - I thought about PHPLib that handles sessions with php3 -
but that also requires access to the server and I haven't. I'm hoping the
server managers will upgrade soon ;-)

> in my experience, i'd say javascript is the least reliable way to set
> cookies as some users have javascript disabled.  when in doubt, do the work
> server-side.

You're right. Actually I now use both ways - first I set a cookie by
setcookie() in PHP then it's set again (the same cookie) by javascript, so
far I haven't heard any problems....(we'll see about that!).


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