[thelist] Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Search and MSN Search on my web site!

Mark Howells mark at mountain.ch
Thu Feb 14 06:52:01 CST 2002

> I want to add the sign-in forms on my site for Yahoo!, Hotmail and other
> famous e-mail services so that the visitors are able to sign-in to their
> favourite mail account directly from my web site. Is it possible? If
> yes, then how?

I did this on a site a while ago, for Hotmail users. You'll need to go to
the login page for the site in question, then emulate the login form that is
used there. You may find that some sites won't allow a login from a site
outside their own domain and some sites may contact you and ask for the code
to be removed if they detect that you're using this feature on your site.

You should also be very careful about security implications where a login is
involved; many users won't use such a feature on your site unless they know
it's been approved by the "target" site owners.

Some search engines also offer a "partner" scheme, such as Google

Mark Howells

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