[thelist] Perl script as root

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Thu Feb 14 09:45:00 CST 2002

Most UNIX operating systems won't let you do this on scripts.  There's
a race condition in the kernel for setuid script execution which is a
security hole.

Are you trying to run your program from the command line?  What are
the errors that you are getting?  You should probably use taintperl as
well, use -T flag, so that Perl will warn of possible security


David Gray writes:

> You have to turn on the setuid bit of your script so that it runs as the
> user it's owned by. You can do this using this syntax (the file has to
> be executable):
> chmod +s script.pl
> If you'd like to check what user your script is running as before you
> try the setuid stuff, you can check $< (real uid) and $> (effective uid)
> within your program.
> HTH,
>  -dave
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> Hello all,
> I wrote a little perl script that catches the ip addresses for people
> trying to access formmail.pl  on my site.  The script is supposed to add
> the ip to the firewall blocking them from accessing my site in the
> future.  Problem is, ipchains needs to be run by root.  I have given the
> script root permissions, but it still won't work right.  Does anyone
> know how to make a script run as root?
> Thanks
> Chris

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