[thelist] is my asp style sloppy?

Don Makoviney DonM at allensysgroup.com
Thu Feb 14 09:53:07 CST 2002

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It's not sloppy from a scripting perspective.

>From a programming perspective it is very sloppy, simply because
full-fledged programming languages are usually compiled, not interpreted
like scripting is. This is one of the major differences between ASP and
ASP.NET. You are now programming with a full-fledged version of VB (VB.NET),
not just a subset (VB Script). Therefore, it is important as a compiled
program that you adhere to proper (or as proper as possible) programming

There are ways to accomplish the same thing in ASP.NET pretty much, using
data binding, but you will still need to write your applications much more
programmatically to get to that point.

There are a couple of highly specialized asp.net lists over at
www.ASPFRIENDS.com/ I would suggest checking them out, since I have only
given you a very high-level answer.


Don Makoviney

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I was reading the article on .NET in New Architect this morning and
was surprised to read this:

      In addition, ASP.Net doesn't let you intermix script
      and HTML. To date, this has been a common practice in
      server-parsed scripting languages, even though it's
      considered sloppy. For example, these statements are
      legal in conventional ASP:

        if age>18 then
        <A HREF=adult.asp>Adults</A>
        end if

That coding style has always made so much sense to me, how could it be
"sloppy"? Ok, granted, you're ducking in and out of ASP, and that
isn't exactly optimal. But for readability, isn't it easier to
identify "pure" html tags than double quoted, response.write'd tags?
Isn't the separation of ASP from html a good thing like the separation
of structure from content is a good thing?



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