[thelist] is my asp style sloppy?

Don Makoviney DonM at allensysgroup.com
Thu Feb 14 10:17:00 CST 2002

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Exactly, which is why, from a scripting perspective it is no big deal.

But with ASP.NET you are not "scripting" anymore, so there will be some
learning curve to learn proper programming practices for a fully compiled

Now it is a big deal.

Don Makoviney

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I'm never sure what's best, but, I saw this yesterday.

In his article Performance Metrics for the ASP Response Object -
http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/010202-1.shtml - James Greenwood
noted some interesting things with IIS 5.0. His benchmarks showed that
a style of ASP coding that interleaves script (VBScript) with text is
faster than using pure script (with the Response.Write method). This
article examines why this should be so in IIS 5.0.

At 10:43 14/02/02 -0500, Bill Lovett said:

>  granted, you're ducking in and out of ASP, and that
>isn't exactly optimal.

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