[thelist] CF: Building a <body> tag.

Ed Shuck edshuck at noevalley.com
Thu Feb 14 12:30:10 CST 2002


I use php and my page is a build of a top, middle and formerly a bottom.
what i do now is on the initial call a top that has a header, and the body
and then i use two includes (a - one left body and b - one right body).
this makes no sense without looking at the page.  www.noevalley.com then
when another index item is selected, say calendar, a whole new page is
brought in with the same look but with the same means of generation.
category search does a slight twist where there is  a b and c.  a and b are
initially displayed and when an item from a is clicked that has population,
c replaces b in the next dynamic generation.

i want to be able to do something with that amazon banner and make it page
appropriate but am in the throes of learning CSS at the moment.


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> I'm wondering if someone can suggest an approach for something that
> I've been pondering for a few months.
> I use a system with a template top and template bottom that wraps the
> content in the center. Some of my pages use javascript with onLoad(),
> but not all. Now, the documents load in this order:
> Application
>    -> TemplateTop
>       -> <body>
> My cf scripts go here.
> OnRequestEnd
>   -> TemplateBottom
>      -> </body>
> Can someone suggest a method whereby I can alter the body tag from
> within my scripts? The best solution I can think of is to set the
> body tag to a default variable, and to alter the variable from within
> my scripts, but they run after the TemplateTop has been included. How
> can I go by altering that one variable, after a doc has been
> included? Another kicker is that in every case, there is content
> after the body tag as well.
> General ideas to stimulate creative approaches just as gladly
> accepted as pat solutions.
> Thanks.
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