[thelist] Perl scripts in Mac

Michael Galvin mpgalvin at eircom.net
Thu Feb 14 15:20:00 CST 2002

What do Mac webdevers use for write Perl scripts?  I'm using Simpletext, and
Fetch, and one (or both) of these little things are causing 500 Internal
Errors when uploaded.  I can't tell which but I suspect it's Simpletext
adding something invisible to the script.  I'm Fetching in Text (not auto)
and setting the permissions correctly.  It's a script I wrote myself, so I
can't be sure that it's even correct, but I was under the impression that
the Error 500 is pretty much a 'starter' error - ie. the script can't even
be run correctly.

I have OS9.1 if that's any help.


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