[thelist] Need feedback for the archives

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Thu Feb 14 17:05:00 CST 2002

Ok, everything is back up and normal again with the archives. Thanks for
the suggestions both on and off list..

thelist archive at http://lists.evolt.org/archive/ now contains *EVERY*
post to thelist dating back to April 1999 when we first started it..
tons of good info in there, and a nice walk down memory lane :)

To address the problem that you brought up Sam where google was sending
people to 404's, there is now a 404 page up that will guess the week of
the article you're trying to view and provide a link for you. While it's
not perfect, it's a lot better than a standard 404 page coming up .. so
if google leads you to

the 404 page will suggest

google should start picking up on the new archives very soon.. thanks
for all your paitence :)


Daniel J. Cody wrote:
> Hey Sam -
> Ya, good eye. Many of the URLs that google has have been changed since
> the new version of our mailing list software was put in place a month
> ago. Because the archives use a particular sequence that has since
> changed, so what google knows as
> archive/Week-of-Mon-20000904/151342.html is now actually something like
> archive/Week-of-Mon-20000904/001349.html
> As soon as the new style is hashed out, I'll rebuild the
> archives(hopefully for the last time :) and let google back in to index
> the heck out of them like usual.

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