[thelist] is my asp style sloppy?

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Thu Feb 14 19:45:00 CST 2002

On Feb 14, Don Makoviney had something to say about RE: [thelist] is my asp...

>It's not sloppy from a scripting perspective.
>>From a programming perspective it is very sloppy, simply because
>full-fledged programming languages are usually compiled, not interpreted
>like scripting is. This is one of the major differences between ASP and
>ASP.NET. You are now programming with a full-fledged version of VB
>(VB.NET), not just a subset (VB Script). Therefore, it is important as a
>compiled program that you adhere to proper (or as proper as possible)
>programming practices.

Why is that important, again?

JSP is a system comparable to .NET. Yet, the mentioned practice is
perfectly legal in JSP. The CPU doesn't blow up or anything. Seems to
work just fine.

I don't know... I've heard *A LOT* about how ASP.NET is supposed to be
"backwards compatible". How does THIS fit into that?

Yes, it's backwards-compatible, as long as you never have code blocks and
html blocks. Heh.

I think it was a bad move to do this. One of the reasons JSP came around
was to combat the annoyance of having to out.println() every bit of html
in servlets.

Maybe I dont' understand the importance of making it look like a
programming language before compilation.


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