[thelist] CF: Building a <body> tag.

Frank framar at interlog.com
Thu Feb 14 21:14:01 CST 2002

>>  Application
>>     -> TemplateTop
>>        -> <body>

>  that's one way to do it, but i'd suggest that outputting
>  html in your application.cfm file is sloppy.

Clarification: A document entitled 'TemplateTop.cfm' is included in
the application file.

>>  OnRequestEnd
>>    -> TemplateBottom
>>       -> </body>

>ditto for outputting html with onrequestend.cfm

Ditto for 'TemplateBottom.cfm'

>>  Can someone suggest a method whereby I can alter the
>>  body tag from within my scripts?

>  well, the answer will depend on how much you need to
>  alter the <body> tag. what exactly do you need to do to it?

Very simply: I set '<body>' by default in my TemplateTop. But If I
want to add something to it, I  might do something like this

   <cf_BodyTag content="onLoad='myJavascript();'">

Where it would prepend the value of 'content' (or whatever variable
name I might choose) to the closing bracket in the tag to create this:

  <body onLoad='myJavascript();'>

The concept is identical to using cfhtmlhead, but instead of
appending between two head tags, we append within the body tag itself.


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