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Ben Henick persist1 at io.com
Fri Feb 15 00:27:01 CST 2002

On Fri, 15 Feb 2002, Frank wrote:

> I'm wondering if there's anyone here who has been using *pure* CSS
> formatting for their forms-- no tables to line things up and then
> pretty-fy them with CSS. Just using CSS positioning of everything. I
> would be very interested in seeing an example and knowing what some
> of the gotcha's and pleasant surprises were.

Actually, I just did that last night for my personal site (which is about
9x% redesigned at this point.

The contact form is at:


...And predictably enough, the layout turns into a steaming pile of s--t
in Netscape 4.

If you avoid setting margin properties, a lot of the NN4 issues will go

On browsers with better support, you can manage to center-justify
everything to an imaginary line (thus creating two columns) - a favorite
approach of mine - by managing the 'width' and 'margin' attributes of your
left column, and setting 'clear: left' to its elements.  Depending on what
you're trying for, you may also have to play games with whitespace on the
browser canvas (e.g. <br />&nbsp; ...).

P.S.  Your message wasn't offtopic at all.  :-)

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