[thelist] Re : Need help with Eudora 5 (pc)

DESCHAMPS Stéphane DvSI/SICoR stephane.deschamps at francetelecom.com
Fri Feb 15 02:58:00 CST 2002

> Let me answer the easy question first. In order to make hyperlinks
> clickable, you have to make sure Eudora is using the
> Microsoft Viewer to
> read messages. To check this setting, go to Tools -->
> Options, and then
> click the Viewing Mail icon on the left bar. At the resultant
> right hand
> pane, make sure the top box, labeled Use Microsoft's Viewer
> is checked. Give
> it any dimensions -- the defaults are 80 x 20. Eudora will
> disable the use
> of the Microsoft Viewer if it deems that the computer will
> not be able to
> handle the extra processing required.


Please don't forget to mention that using Microsoft's viewer is equivalent
to using IE's HTML-rendering engine. There is possibly a security issue

If I was to use Microsoft's engine in Eudora, it would be, security-wise,
like opening emails with Outlook. Be careful to uncheck the possibility to
enable active content (off the top of my head, my Eudora is at home and of
course I'm at work).


s t e f [ n o t a - b e n e . o r g ]

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