[thelist] How to keep text gifts tight in different screen re solutions?

Chris Price chris.price at stl.org
Fri Feb 15 03:06:01 CST 2002

	>The problem:
> I am using .gifs of text w/ backgrounds in a menu system.  They look okay
> at
> high screen resolutions, but get fuzzy as you get down to 800x600.  I have
> tried various programs to generate them (photoshop, illustrator, image
> ready<
	The usual reason for giffs looking bad is them being displayed at
other than their actual size.

	Other than that, if the image has graduated tints it generally looks
better (and smaller file size) as a jpeg unless its a thumbnail in which
case you can turn that rule on its head.

	I love creating giffs, especially when  the image is generated using
web safe colours.

	A client of mine was using a logo (in the signature of his emails)
in .bmp format and it was 62k. I re-worked it in ImageReady and got the file
size down to 2k (and looking good) and you couldn't tell the two images
	Chris ;-)

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