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Mark Anderson marke.anderson at btinternet.com
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Thanks for all the comments!

To answer some of the questions, I am an asp programmer, I think I will
suggest something like web trends (Just need prices now!), The best you can
get about a user is an IP no and with dynamic IP's this is fairly
meaningless! Hope I covered everyones comments..

Thanks Mark

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Consider this quote from the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 1.0

Note: Because the source of a link may be private information or may reveal
an otherwise private information source, it is strongly recommended that the
user be able to select whether or not the Referer field is sent. For
example, a browser client could have a toggle switch for browsing
openly/anonymously, which would respectively enable/disable the sending of
Referer and From information.
[end quote]

While I'm unaware of any browser that features such a "toggle switch", some
of us (ME) use filters (like AdSubtract) that inhibits referrer information.

(I have links to AdSubtract at
http://www.JamesSHuggins.com/h/web1/adsubtract_pro.htm. I receive no
compensation for the "referral".)

James S. Huggins


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