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* and then Josh Feingold declared....
> My assumption is that to really understand something (and move from
> amateur status to expert) I need to know where it comes from. If I have
> this information you can predict where things will go.  This knowledge
> also tends to help me to understand subtleties and gain insights into the
> language.
> To be honest, a bit of historical curiosity is probably thrown in as
> well... and you never know when someone is going to ask if you know what
> the <lh> tag is for on the Evolt list.  :)

Better you than me Josh, I think I'll go ahead and risk condemnation and
say that I think you may be going a little further than you need.

Let me qualify that statement a little though (he says desperately

- From what I've seen over the last few years you may well be better off
completely dismissing the early versions of HTML. They were born when
the idea of standards was a silly idea and NS and IE were racing to
provide what they thought was the best product.

Nothing wrong with that at the time of course (remember betamax?) but
the web, it's technology and it's users has grown since then and most
websites will never ever see a version 2-3 browser. (excepting SE's and
Lynx types) and the only thing to be gained from studying such well
intentioned nonsense is of purely historical value. Furthermore that
historical value will *not* help you predict where the tech is heading.
Both NS Opera and InternetDisaster have all taken a turn toward
standards over the last 18mts or so.

IMHO, (which is'nt even remotely humble :-) the best indication of the
future of this tech is the w3c

Bring it on!
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