[thelist] screen tints for web?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 15 15:50:00 CST 2002

> From: Fortune Elkins <fortune_elkins at summithq.com>
> hired a new one, who tweaked the colors a bit. the guy chose a bunch
> of pantone colors and then "translated" them into hex colors that
> aren't websafe! <sigh> but these are now the required colors.

Pantone colors are never websafe... it is possible that he felt the
nearest web-safe match was fugly -- which is likely with only a
couple dozen *truly* websafe colors...

> fwiw, we are also allowed to use screen tints in certain amounts in
> our presentations and website. how can i best approximate in
> photoshop, fireworks, whatever (i don't have illustrator) these
> required tints?

plug your color into the color picker in PS...

pop open the color picker and notice the two columns of radio
buttons... in the upper right threesome is the L, a, b set... select
the L button (for lightness)...

see the slider to the left, *before* the big color square that takes up
half the dialog box?  drag that slider up and down to "approximate"

keep in mind that screen tints are a print-only thing, so you're
kinda stuck with adjusting the lightness channel only given that
this is raster color we're playing with (as RGB and CMYK are not
the same, such is ink and light)...

you can tick the "only web colors" checkbox in the bottom left, but
you'll notice a *lot* of color shift, and you'll no longer be working the
the same color with which you started...

btw, the Lab color mode is *very* powerful on its own... it's worth
perusing some Photoshop tutorial sites to get a feel for what you
can do with it...

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