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Christopher Orth corth at nwlink.com
Fri Feb 15 21:41:00 CST 2002

>>> Interesting......I have been considering the move from Denver to Seattle
>>> myself. I'd be curious to hear about the job situation there, vis-a-vis web

Ok, given that the economy is crap and all of that, the job situation here
is actually really good relative to that.  There are a lot of jobs listed
regularly.  It's not like it was a year or two ago when people would call
and bug you at your job to leave and go work somewhere else, but if you have
some truly marketable skills you can still find work.  It's pretty grim for
entry level or relatively inexperienced people though.  The thing is though
that you have to consider how many tech companies are located in the greater
Seattle area, and then how many of them are pretty large.  There are
regularly job openings posted from Microsoft, Nintendo, Real, Amazon,
Corbis, Adobe, and on and on, not to mention lots of other companies.
Having some of those big guns around really helps keep things stimulated,
even in the down economy.

If anyone is seriously considering a move from Denver to Seattle, I can only
say that it was the second best thing I have ever done for myself in my
whole life.  There is so much to do here, so many things to learn, super
cool and talented people at every turn.  And when the economy picks back up
things will undoubtedly be back to the hiring frenzy again.  Just be really
careful about any decisions right now unless you have some money set away to
live on for a while.  A move can be expensive enough in and of itself, let
alone dealing with the depressed economy.

Check out hotjobs, monster.com and flipdog.com, then look for job listings
in the Seattle area.  Be sure to include cities like Kirkland, Bellevue and
Redmond.  Compare the results to what is going on in your own area and then
make your own decisions.

Good luck in whatever you do!


Christopher Orth
corth at nwlink.com
Poser Arcana - http://www.awakemm.com/poserarcana/

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