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Sabrina Dent, Apperception sabrina.dent at
Sat Feb 16 12:52:01 CST 2002

> From: "Faye Tarzwell(FayeC)" <ftarzwell at>

> I am looking for information on how to set up a dedicated server set up
> in my office.

Hey there...

As an ISP who hosts co-located boxes for people, I can tell you that things
you're probably not considering include:

3:00 - you get a page from your network monitoring equipment to tell you
"Houston, we have a problem"
3:01 - roll out of bed and VNC to the server to see if you can find out what
the hell is wrong and maybe fix it from home
3:43 - pack that idea in, get dressed, shovel snow off drive, drive to
4:05 - test the connection, check the logs, check the firewall server, check
the web server, check the mail server. If it's a Win server, reboot it.
Check the router, check the DNS server, check the partitions, check the
drive allotments.
5:47 - brew coffee, because you're not going home
5:55 - reboot the whole frigging network, piece by piece and begin a primal
scream akin to childbirth.

vs. sleeping soundly through the night and getting an email at 8:30 from
your host saying "We experienced a network outage at 3 am and our
technicians were on site within 30 minutes. As of 5:45, problem X has been
fixed and all systems are go."

Seriously, you are looking at an absolutely massive learning curve, probably
a couple of boxes, a lot of initial cash outlay and rolling overheads that
will shock you.

Call a local hosting company made up of real people with a fat pipe. Buy a
server. Configure it as you want. Get a fast home connection with a fixed IP
and have your host configure your firewall to give you VNC access. Drive the
box to the host, drop it off, give them a check for three months of service,
and walk away very, very quickly.

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