[thelist] Windows program to upload via FTP without disclosing password

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Sat Feb 16 19:52:00 CST 2002

What you are looking for is WSH, or Windows Script Host.
Here is a ref how to do drag and drop in wsh.
For the above wscript (as opposed to cscript) needs to be the default
script host. That's the default in windows anyway.

Now you have the full path to the file, and you can use just about any
ftp COM object that you want to grab the file and upload to the server.
Here is one that costs $15.

You can also script the ftp.exe that comes with Window's as a Com Object:

There are some free ftp com object around, but I can't seem to find one
right now. Welcome to the wonderful world of COM...soon to be eclipsed
by dotNet :)


Andy Warwick wrote:
> Hi
> I'm after a solution for Windows PCs that will allow a client to upload - via
> FTP - images (JPEGs) into a specific folder on my web server without disclosing
> the login name or password.
> In an ideal world, the user would prepare the images to the correct dpi and
> compression, then drop them onto the program icon, which would then log onto the
> FTP server and upload the files.
> What prevents me using a standard FTP client is that I want some way to conceal
> the login and password from the user, so that he can't access other folders on
> the server other than the folder 'hard-coded' into the program. (I'm not in a
> position to simply set up an FTP account that serves only the individual
> folder.)
> I've got a solution working on the Mac with Applescript, in the form of a
> read-only droplet with embedded login and password, but need something similar
> for the Windows platform.
> Any ideas?

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