[thelist] beervolts (was: OT: MIME format)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 16 22:12:01 CST 2002

> From: Martin Kuplens-Ewart <mkuplens at takingitglobal.org>
> [tip type="beervolts"]
> If you're going to have some kind of sign or summat that'll indicate
> that you're the Evolt group... make sure that it's clearly visible
> from the entrance door! That way, if someone comes in late, they don't
> have to feel like a dork wandering around the place trying to spot the
> small sign. [/tip]

+1 to that... i did the same thing at the buffalo beervolt, and
watched people wander around aimlessly because i had no sign or
trained monkey to help them... thankfully i had mentioned it to the
nice lady at the door in case anyone asked..

> brought on 'cuz of my failed attempt at attending tonight's Toronto
> Beervolt - couldn't spot the folks, felt awkward, left...
> ...luckily there was a new cybercafe three doors down so i spent some
> consolation time there. :P

that sucks... i couldn't make it, either, so they called me to yell at
me...  i'd call 'em back and ask where they were, but you're home,
and her cell phone number was blocked...

ah well...

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