[thelist] Using Gimp to create text fading under an image

Eric Miller ejmiller at comcast.net
Sat Feb 16 23:34:01 CST 2002


Based on the feedback on my site check, I've been working on graphics. Since
I'm really a systems analyst and my drawing ability is limited to stick
figures, I'm strugling to create some graphical headers for my site.  For
lack of a better description, I'm trying to do something simular to the topic
header on http://www.redcross.org/services.

At first I thought it was rather simple thing to do.  It looks like it has
three layers. The bottom layer has the text "SERVICES".  The middle layer has
an image that fades to the left. On top of that it looks like there is
another layer with the text "Services".

I can get as far as a layer with a simple color gradient (dark blue to
white), and a layer for the "Services" text, but I'm stumped when it comes to
the layer for the "SERVICES" text that disappears to the right.  Whatever I
do for the middle layer ends up looking like cookie cutter text.

I've searched the web but can't find a simular example to help me work it
out.  Any ideas?



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