[thelist] Windows program to upload via FTP without disclosing password

Andy Warwick mailing.lists at creed.co.uk
Sun Feb 17 10:08:01 CST 2002

| On 2002-02-16, Jon Hall said:

| What you are looking for is WSH, or Windows Script Host.
| Here is a ref how to do drag and drop in wsh.

<snip solution>



I'm afraid the details of that went straight over my head (though the concept
looks bang-on). As I said I'm mainly Mac, so don't have any facility (or
knowledge) to create Windows VB scripts, COM, or other stuff you mentioned.
Unless you can point me at a downloadable script/COM object that is just a
straight .exe file, and just works, and that I can send to client, I'm afraid
this solution is way out of my league, and too complicated for this project
(which is non-paying anyway).

It does like like exactly the solution - a Windows version of my Applescript -
but is about as frightening and in-elegant as I imagined the Windows solution
would turn out to be...

Thx anyway.

| On 2002-02-17, Joel Lieberman said:

| Maybe I'm missing somthing, but why not set up
| anonymous FTP with permissions only for one folder.
| That way no passwords are needed, but access is denied
| to any other file system nodes.


Sadly I'm not in a position to do this, but agree this would be the simplest way
to do it. The site in question is part of an multi-user account with an ISP, and
opening up the password would allow access to other user's websites.

That's why I was after a client-side FTP solution, that acted as a normal FTP
upload client, but locked-in - and concealed - the relevant login, password and
path to the server.

| On 2002-02-16, Ken Kogler said:

| Never heard of a client-side solution for something like this, but in
| the past when I've been in this situation, I create a password-protected
| page for the client and write an upload script that uses the <form> to
| post the data to the server.


I think that may be the best way forward in this case. I know how to do this ( I
think), but for a project of this scale, if I could have found a simpler,
off-the-shelf solution I would have prefered it. Oh well.

| Implementation depends on the server and the code you use. I use ASP on
| IIS5. Mail me off list if you know ASP and want some help with it.
| Google can also show you a few hundred tutorials too many.

Server is PHP and Apche/Unix, but thx for the kind offer.

So, looks like the best way forward is to write a script for the user
server-side, on a password protected page, that brokers and controls the upload
process usin a normal browser-based interface.

Somehow, I thought I'd end up there...




PS. Apologies for the inital double post; email client went screwy.

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