[thelist] Using Gimp to create text fading under an image

Daniel Frey danieljohnfrey at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 17:24:01 CST 2002


>At first I thought it was rather simple thing to do.  It looks like it
>three layers. The bottom layer has the text "SERVICES".  The middle
layer >has an image that fades to the left. On top of that it looks like
there is
>another layer with the text "Services".

You're definitely on the right track.  I did a mock-up of the image to
see   what layers went where

For the entire image, there are 5 layers and one mask, they go like so,
from bottommost to topmost:

Layer 1:  Gradient from blue to white.

Layer 2:  1px wide white lines - it looks like they scaled down the
image even more, those lines are thinner than 1px.

Layer 3:  The large header text - the important thing to note about this
layer is the opacity - it's only 15% visible.  I used a dark grey, hex
333333, then faded the whole thing out.

Layer 4:  The graphic to the right, faded on the edges.  Using an alpha
channel mask is the easiest way to get it looking faded.

Layer 5:  The small header text in the lower left

>I can get as far as a layer with a simple color gradient (dark blue to
>white), and a layer for the "Services" text, but I'm stumped when it
comes >to the layer for the "SERVICES" text that disappears to the
right.  >Whatever I do for the middle layer ends up looking like cookie
cutter text.

Basically, the SERVICES text isn't fading out.  It's being washed out by
the gradient on Layer 1.  I'm thinking layer placement/opacity should
fix your problem.

>I've searched the web but can't find a simular example to help me work
>out.  Any ideas?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to mail me off-list.


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