john corry john at neoncowboy.com
Sun Feb 17 21:27:00 CST 2002

I had this same problem with Outlook 2K a format or 2 ago

Here's what I did...

I moved the Outlook.pst file from it's default location and started Outlook.
Outlook couldn't see the .pst file so it created a new one (I think it
prompted me to make a new one...not sure, anyway, whatever you need to do to
get Outlook to create/register a new [empty] .pst file).

...then, I used the import tool to import all my contacts, calendar events,
emails and everything else into the new file. Result, all of the same data
from the old file imported into a new one and hey, it doesn't lag on startup

Yes, I did feel like it was a stupid solution to a problem that should never
come up. There's nothing I could find in the MS knowledge base, but this
extreme (stupid) measure worked for me, so you might give it a try.

John Corry

> Subject: RE: [thelist] OUTLOOK 2002 TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD

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