[thelist] Windows program to upload via FTP without disclosing password

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Sun Feb 17 23:03:00 CST 2002

Apologies if this his the list twice, I just found a weird bug in
Mozilla..sigh :)

Anyway it's Sunday and I wanted some more content for my new spiffy code
dumping ground.


WSH isn't so bad, just don't ask me to do any Applescript. :)


Andy Warwick wrote:
> <snip solution>
> Jon
> Whooosh!
> I'm afraid the details of that went straight over my head (though the concept
> looks bang-on). As I said I'm mainly Mac, so don't have any facility (or
> knowledge) to create Windows VB scripts, COM, or other stuff you mentioned.
> Unless you can point me at a downloadable script/COM object that is just a
> straight .exe file, and just works, and that I can send to client, I'm afraid
> this solution is way out of my league, and too complicated for this project
> (which is non-paying anyway).
> It does like like exactly the solution - a Windows version of my Applescript -
> but is about as frightening and in-elegant as I imagined the Windows solution
> would turn out to be...
> Thx anyway.

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