[thelist] NN6.2 Javascript or CSS problem

Jonas Bohlin jonas at halogen.com
Tue Feb 19 06:07:01 CST 2002

It's har to know exactly what the problem is when you don't describe more
closely what does happen, but I have an idea. If the browser leaves remnants
of the layers that you show and hide, it's a screen redraw problem. try
calling this function at the end of showServices()

<tip type="JavaScript / DHMTL / Netscape 6" Author="Jonas Bohlin">
	forceRedraw is an uglyhack for netscape 6... it forces the screen to
redraw itself (in lack of a working onpaint-event) so that residue graphics
dissapear, stuff that remained invisible or partly invisible shows up and
things that were moved but kinda stayed in place are actually moved.

example: forceRedraw(document.getElementById("Container"))
or: forceRedraw(document.body)
function forceRedraw(oToChange){
	var oStyle = oToChange.style
	var sOldColor = oStyle.backgroundColor
	var sSetColor = (sOldColor=="rgb(0,0,0)")?"#FFFFFF":"#000000";
	oStyle.backgroundColor = sSetColor
	oStyle.backgroundColor = sOldColor


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What is it about NN6.2 that breaks the code below?  NN6.2 does not seem to
like the display and visibility declarations. Works great in IE5, IE6, and
NN6.0.  Example: http://www.huntacpa.com/   Not only does it not display
correctly, if you continue to trigger the rollover, you get different
results.  In otherwords, it is not even failing consistently.  ...*sigh*  I
think that it is time for me to go back into filmmaking.

function showServices() {

I know, I know. This is hacked Javascript.  Am seeking rewrite for it.  So,
as it concerns this post, I am just asking about principles.


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