[thelist] ditching the .ldb on remote server

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Tue Feb 19 17:36:07 CST 2002

>From the 4.5 Release Notes:

<cfset rc=cfusion_disable_dbconnections("cfmysource","1")>
The following line enables the data source named cfmysource:
<cfset rc=cfusion_disable_dbconnections("cfmysource","0")>

The bad query hasn't worked since 4.0. You should actually call your host
and tell them to set up the DSN's correctly in the first place. Access
databases should not have Mantain Database Connections checked in the
administrator anyway. Not only will that help server stability, it will also
keep your Access database from being locked at all.

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> > From: Ben Dyer <ben_dyer at imaginuity.com>
> > This is a ColdFusion answer to your question:
> >
> ml> >
> > Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but maybe this could help.
> That's exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to do
> trick... even though I'm using Cold Fusion and everything...
> Don't know what to try next.  :(
> matt
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