[thelist] Remove break after H# tags

Michael Goddard michael at tdh-marketing.com
Wed Feb 20 12:20:01 CST 2002

Using stylesheets on H# tags only affects the design and not the
functionality of the tag,s property within the document structure.

So if using a non-visual browser the H# tag will keep it's functional
property but within visual browsers the H# will keep it's functional
property with the document structure as well as be styled based on the
stylesheets specifications.


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> > *cough*Accessibility*cough*
> >
> > Seriously, Kevin, HTML is a structural and semantic language. Non-visual
> > browsers and other UAs absolutely rely on the document structure to
> > understand the content. Using <h#> properly is one of the highest
> > accessibility requirements.
> Hey Martin,
> how does making h1 *look* different with a stylesheet affect accessibility
> in any way?? Surely you can still use these tags properly and make them
> *look* more or less any way you like, as long as it makes visual sense?
> Please let me know, I really want to know the argument.
> Peter

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