[thelist] anyone remember this cool image effect?

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 21 00:10:00 CST 2002

> From: tmwall <tmwall at micron.com>
> http://www.mauiatvadventures.com/photos.php
> > Some time ago someone posted a link to a site that displayed some
> > thumbnailed images. On mousing over each image, the visual effect was
> > of the image lightening gradually. I think it was done using some
> > proprietary IE feature.

and having been kind enough to let me swipe the code, i did this:

IE5+ only... scroll over blank spot in upper left corner...

now, i found a chunk of CSS to make the opacity in N6, but i
haven't modifed the JS to handle it yet (so it can do that nify fade
in/out trick)...

so, to see opacity in N6, you need to go down to the style changer
under the nav and select "stealth"... swipe the styles for img in the
CSS and you've got the baseline to handle transparency in both
IE5+ and N6...

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