[thelist] Lotus Domino & Garbled Text

Chip "Hazard" Tomba chimptomba at fastmail.fm
Thu Feb 21 05:21:24 CST 2002

did u change the browser language setting to allow japaanese, tools->inernet
opti->languges you should enable japanese  there....or try japanese as no.1
language...sometimes domino multingual website dont work otherwise....

Chris Anderson wrote:

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> Hey everyone,
> I have a client site that I will be re-doing, and have a little question
> that could save me HEAPS of time.  Basically, the way it is right now, the
> pages are being parsed by Lotus Domino, and are creating some real garbage.
> The site is in Japanese, and it doesnt work at all on the Mac.  Everything
> shows up as junk codes instead of text.
> The english is showing up fine, but the japanese part is showing up like
> absolute trash.
> So what I'm wondering is if there is any way to translate that crap into
> something that I can cut and paste?
> Right now its showing up like: 低価格 etc...
> when it should be showing Japanese characters.
> Any help appreciated!!  Thanks!
> Christian Anderson
> Photokyo - Digitally capturing the best Tokyo has to offer!
> http://www.photokyo.com
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