[thelist] access db on UNIX?

Chris Beaumont chris at ncafe.com
Thu Feb 21 13:32:01 CST 2002

Yes, you can set up a virtual machine in any one of a number of
ways.. Probably the most popular is VMware for Linux
http://www.vmware.com. You will still need a copy of the Windows OS
to install in your VMware virtual machine.. This is also useful for
running the occasional Windows app on your Linux system (if your
server does double-duty as a workstation.)

There are also a few open-source alternatives.. like "Plex86"
http://www.plex86.org/  but none of them are as slick (or stable) as

VMware is pricy, though.. ($199, I think..) but it's very useful..

Another consideration, though.. If you have an Access file (Access
isn't really a database in the server sense) open read-write via ODBC
you can't connect to it from the GUI.. (the way people usually use
Access..) This made it impossible for us to consider it seriously for
use on the Web.. (our office people need to use it on a ongoing
basis..) This is because Jet (the underlying engine behind Access..)
handles simultaneous events  very badly..

If somebody has a workaround for this, please let me know!


>From: "Scarlett Julian (ED)" <Julian.Scarlett at sheffield.gov.uk>
>>  Sorry -  to clarify. If I have an asp page on a UNIX server I can make an
>>  ODBC connection to an mdb file residing on that same server and return a
>>  recordset. Correct? Providing of course that there is some form of asp
>>  installed on the server ;-)
>Nope. Access is totally indepedent of ASP. It doesn't matter if you have ASP
>installed on the Unix server. Access will not run on it.
>What *could* make Access run on a *nix box is a Windows Emulator, and I
>don't know if there is any for Unix.
>What you *can* do is run your ASP pages on Unix via Chilisoft, and use ODBC
>to connect to your access database which would run on a Windows machine.
>Access is a compiled program, to the same extent as Microsoft Word. And you
>can't run Microsoft Word on a *nix box, right?
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