[thelist] Horizontal scrollbar in IE 6.0 frames caused by DOCTYPE tag

kristina kristina at kfx-design.co.uk
Mon Feb 25 07:30:03 CST 2002


on Monday, February 25, 2002, 1:19:46 PM, Lucas wrote:

> <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
> "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">

> As for the moment I have no other solution than to remove the DOCTYPE-tag
> in the html-file, but I don't like this solution.

try using the doctype without the url - so

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

I'm not sure this will work, but this solution has solved 'weirdisms'
for me.


kristina at kfx-design.co.uk

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