[thelist] Re: Cannot write CGI scripts on a Mac.

Jonathan Russell jonathan at macphoenix.com
Mon Feb 25 09:29:00 CST 2002

Dear Michael:

I agree that Text mode is the equivalent to ASCII, but, not to lead you on a
wild goose chase, if you have a moment to humor me, download Transport (
http://www.panic.com/transmit/download.html ). You can use it for 15 or 30
days or something before the "please buy me" messages encourage you to pay
your shareware fees. Then try to upload the CGI using it, with ASCII mode
clicked off under the File menu.

Another thing, too, is you should check that the script is executable once
you upload. The permissions should be 755 (chmod 755 on the script). I'm not
sure if you can use Fetch to set the permissions, but, once again, you can
use Transport. Just highlight the script on the server and get info.

(Not affiliated with Panic software, just a happy user :) )
jonathan at macphoenix.com

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> From: Michael Galvin <michael at sourcedesign.ie>
> Subject: [thelist] Re: Cannot write CGI scripts on a Mac.
> Jonathan
> I'm using Fetch to upload as Text (there's no specific ASCII option, at
> least there isn't one in my version).  Surely text and ASCII are pretty much
> the same (which is probably the worst thing you can say when it comes to
> uploading Perl scripts)
> Michael
> Jonathan said:
>> Just to check, but are you setting Fetch to upload as ASCII? I know that
>> with Transport (my favorite FTP program for the Mac), if I don't specify the
>> transfer as ASCII, it just won't work on my site.
>> --Jonathan

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