[thelist] RE: Working in Europe

Dry Martini latte_to_go at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 25 09:47:01 CST 2002


I am Australian and I have lived and worked in
Amsterdam as an Internet Consultant.

My advice:
* Don't come without a job
* Learn basic dutch
* SAP, Java, Programmers are still in demand here.
* Forget about design/HTML/Interaction roles - there's
* agencies hiring now are: info.nl and lostboys.nl


 --- Graham Bird <gbird at cambridge.org> wrote: > Many
thanks for the help and advice (Mark, Martin,
> Peter-Paul). This is all
> great stuff.
> I am thinking of Amsterdam, but I know that the
> housing situation is dire.
> However, I'm not averse to living outside and
> commuting in by train. I have
> visited before and plan to again in April, this time
> with the aim of moving
> there.

Mike Parsons 'On the Web'
latte_to_go at yahoo.co.uk

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